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For example, a Georgia court found a significant connection for parenting time that was exercised every other weekend and 8 weeks in the summer.Here, the Father exercised parenting time in New Hampshire on alternating weekends, two non-consecutive weeks in the summer, five days during April vacation in even years and five days during February vacation in odd years.The parents could still alternate the Christmas overnight, but maintain a consistent, fixed schedule for the remaining holiday time.The parent who does not have parenting time on a holiday can still plan celebrations around a holiday.For example, the non-holiday parent can bring the children to an Easter egg hunt, fireworks, or a haunted house adventure during their parenting time.

I had a client suggest an idea that I thought was brilliant.

The 9th Circuit – Family Division – Manchester denied the father’s requested relief and entered a new parenting plan providing father with parenting time on alternating weekends, summers, school vacations and time in Natick as the father was available.

In December of 2013 father again asked the court to modify the parties’ parenting plan.

The Appeal The father appealed arguing that the trial court erred when it ruled that the children did not have a significant connection with New Hampshire The Holding As a matter of first impression, the New Hampshire Supreme Court held that under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) New Hampshire had continuing exclusive jurisdiction to deal with the post-divorce parenting matters.

The Court agreed with the majority of jurisdictions in finding a child has a “significant connection” with New Hampshire when one parent still resides in state and exercises more than de minimis parenting time in New Hampshire.

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court issued its opinion In the Matter of Mary Sheys and Eric Blackburn on July 15, 2015. Father exercised parenting time every other weekend, two afternoons per week and two weeks in the summer.