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Once we get past the fact that you download the Apps and install them on your hard drive, people still sometimes think that they need to be connected to the internet to actually run the Apps because they are Creative Cloud Apps. Your Apps not only install on your hard drive, but they also can very much run offline.

You computer does have to connect to the internet once a month to verify that your membership is still current, but that’s it.

This is crucial for workflows that involve working with clients or vendors that may not be on the latest versions of the software.

Creative Cloud paid members have access to a select set of archived versions of the desktop apps.

The Apps like Photoshop , Illustrator, In Design and even the new app Muse runs from your Hard Drive, not from the cloud.

With your Creative Cloud membership you get 20GBs of cloud storage.

You can use this storage to sync files between your devices and access them via the Touch Apps like Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas.

When you create files with the various Creative Apps from Adobe, the files are yours.

Adobe doesn’t take any ownership or copyright of those files.

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I started each presentation explaining what Creative Cloud was and what it wasn’t.