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Fly-fishing instructors have been trained, tested, and certified to be effective teachers of fly casting.

This program has over 1,500 certified instructors around the world.

It’s worth noting that Google Voice can’t make 911 calls, but you can add this service to your Obihai device for a year.

If Google Voice isn’t available where you live, Obihai is compatible with a wide range of other Vo IP services, which we might review at a future date. In the past we’ve talked about using Skype as you primary home phone line, and that can be affordable.

Most of our Orvis Retail Stores are offering Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes on the dates below.

Be sure to contact your local store for the exact times and dates of their classes, as well as any additional dates that store may be offering.

What’s the most affordable Vo IP service you’ve found for replacing landlines?

Let’s talk everything over in the comments below – I’m looking forward to the conversation.

But setting this up has gotten a bit more complicated, mostly because it’s harder to find dedicated Skype phones than five years ago.With it I can use a conventional dial-tone phone to make and receive calls, with no ongoing expense. These little boxes, which start at around , are compatible with the landline phones you already have.With one, you can use a number of Vo IP services to make and receive calls – including one that’s free.Obihai devices work with Google Voice, Google’s free unlimited phone and voicemail service.This means you can make unlimited free calls to the USA and Canada, and receive calls to a dedicated (US) Google Voice number.

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The numbers, and the specific trick, are USA only, but we’ll talk about alternatives.

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