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Despite Moscow’s shift in strategy, the United States and its European partners are increasingly focused on their own domestic challenges and regional crises in Asia and the Middle East.

Russia is keen to exploit increased opportunities in the resulting vacuum, using both hard and soft power, to expand its influence and presence and to take advantage of Donald Trump’s presidency, marked by his embrace of an “America First” foreign policy and: Finding examples of Russian global activism is easy. Which Russian activities may risk overreach and pushback?

Assessing its motivations, consequences, and effectiveness is not. response to Russia’s increased global activism will be challenging. What are the best ways to measure the impact—both in Russia and the West—of Moscow’s recent global activism?

Specifically, it can be hard to tell whether a given Russian behavior is meant to actively undermine the liberal political and economic order that has flourished under U. leadership or whether it is designed primarily to shore up Putin’s domestic standing and to create timely economic opportunities for domestic Russian constituencies that support his regime. The risk of doing too much or too little is real, and getting the answer right entails asking a series of challenging questions. interests of Russia’s efforts to gain geopolitical and economic toeholds beyond its immediate neighborhood? Identifying the key drivers of Russia’s global activism and providing an overview of Moscow’s many efforts to expand its global influence is a useful and important way to begin formulating appropriate and effective responses to these behaviors.

Moscow has pursued a host of objectives, such as tarnishing democracy and undermining the U. interests, but elsewhere their impact has been symbolic rather than substantive. Its investments in the Middle East have paid off handsomely. At a minimum, Washington and its allies should expose Moscow’s tactics.

S.-led liberal international order, especially in places of traditional U. influence; dividing Western political and security institutions; demonstrating Russia’s return as a global superpower; bolstering Vladimir Putin’s domestic legitimacy; and promoting Russian commercial, military, and energy interests. Russian activity should not be conflated with Russian success. But in Europe, Russian actions have mobilized Western governments to counter them. More robust responses are justified when important U. and allied interests are threatened—and when Washington has realistic, sustainable means to thwart Moscow’s ambitions without exacerbating the situation.

The effects of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia’s internal challenges, and Moscow’s stated desire for integration with the West sharply constrained the Kremlin’s interest and capacity to project its influence on a global scale and diminished the West’s interest in Russian foreign policy and its global activities.Data before this date will not be available on this page.Since 2012, Russia has been conducting a sophisticated, well-resourced, and, thus far, successful campaign to expand its global influence at the expense of the United States and other Western countries.Policymakers should seek to assess the interests that a given Russian behavior is seeking to advance, which policy tools Moscow is employing, which U. While there may be some uncertainty about the drivers at play in each of these regions, there is little uncertainty about the considerable momentum behind these efforts.In general, Moscow’s ordering of priorities aligns closely with the proximity of the region to Russia, as well as with Russian threat perceptions.

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Moscow’s anti-Western actions are motivated by a widely held view in the Russian security establishment that the administrations of former presidents Barack Obama and George W.

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