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Other features of Zyl include the ability to create collaborative albums that several people can access and add to, and for Zyl to automatically create albums from your pictures – though this didn’t work very well in our tests, as while some of the suggested pictures were similar, others seemed quite random.Still, Zyl’s ability to clean up your gallery is enough to make it worth a download if your photo collection is getting out of control. Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer is surprisingly polished, and especially useful if you run it on both Android and a Windows 10 computer, as you can send content between your phone and your PC.Then there’s the ‘Files’ section, which is a file explorer, letting you dive into the folders on your phone so you can find, open, rename, delete or share specific files.The whole app is colorful and easy to navigate as well, with an interface seemingly inspired by Google Now’s cards.Zyl is especially handy if you want to clear space on your device, or just get rid of rubbish shots, as that AI we mentioned can find and delete blurry shots, as well as duplicate or similar photos, even choosing to keep the one that it thinks is best.And its judgement is generally quite good, but you get to confirm before deleting anything, and even then photos can be recovered for thirty days in case you change your mind, so there’s no danger of losing your favorite shots.

With you can set up a selection of wallpapers to cycle between, so once it’s set up there’s little to no need to ever manually change your wallpaper again.

That said, it’s worth a look if you’re not getting on with your current one - just be aware there might be a few bugs while it’s still in beta.

And yes, you can switch your search engine from Bing to Google. That’s because rather than being constantly animated it’s just updated several times a day, showing a minimalist island changing from dawn to dusk. You can choose from the mysterious ‘Isle of Easter’, the frosty ‘Isle of Ice’ and around 10 others, or choose ‘daily random isle’ and get a new one every day.

Replika can also act as a confidant - ‘someone’ you can talk to about anything, at any time.

And the more you talk to Replika, the smarter it gets.

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There are also handy features such as voice search, and a ‘Reading View’ which reorganizes pages to make it easier to focus on the main text.

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