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Are paula white and benny hinn dating

His healing abilities have often been questioned, not least in one of his more famous cases, involving American heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield.Holyfield turned to Hinn in 1994, after his physician told him he had a hole in the heart. Reports this week suggest a still-married Benny Hinn is now romantically involved with Paula White, another television preacher with a colourful past.The 57-year-old Hinn, who began his preaching career at a church hall near Yonge and Bloor Streets in the 1970s, is best known for his faith-healing “Miracle Crusades” and his half-hour television show, , whose ministries reputedly pulled in million in donations and sales of various goods in 2006.Haggard resigns as president of the National Association of Evangelicals and is fired from his New Life Church.Jim Bakker: Bakker resigns from the Praise the Lord television ministry in 1987 after allegedly being blackmailed over a sexual encounter with church secretary Jessica Hahn in 1980.

At her first sermon, White told the congregants: “Mama is back.”Other televangelist troubles: Ted Haggard: Male prostitute Mike Jones outs Haggard in 2006 as a client of his escort service, saying the minister engaged in gay sex and drug use.White was a self-proclaimed “messed-up Mississippi girl” growing up in Tupelo.Her father committed suicide when she was 5, and White’s website says she suffered “sexual and physical abuse” up until she was 13.Mayo Clinic doctors later concluded the heart defect never existed.Hinn has countered that any healing is done by God, and not him.

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The money, originally borrowed in 1995, was used as down payment on a house.