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While construction of its Neoclassical façade wasn't initiated until 1822, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana) overlooks Plaza de Mayo and can trace its roots back to the early 16th century when the Spanish established one of the country's first churches here.Despite its rather plain exterior, this catholic church boasts a lovely Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque interior along with numerous important artworks, including 18th-century altarpieces and statues, as well as a Walcker organ dating from 1871 that includes an impressive 3,500 pipes and is regarded as one of the finest of its kind.Another museum of interest in Plaza de Mayo is the Museo de la Casa de Gobierno inside the Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace, providing a chronology of Argentinian presidents up to 1966 along with related artifacts and memorabilia.San Telmo is well known as one of Buenos Aires' more colorful districts, its narrow cobblestone streets and old colonial style buildings home to numerous art studios and interesting galleries.

South America's second largest city, Buenos Aires is the political, economic, and cultural capital of Argentina as well as the gateway to the rest of this large nation.

He’s met someone on the show who he really likes, it’s early days but he thinks he could be The One.

"Although Bobby has been putting on a brave face to woo his new guy, hiding his heartache has been tough and Bobby has been very up and down.

The Recoleta Cemetery (Cementerio de la Recoleta) has long been popular among locals and tourists alike, drawn here for the many elaborate mausoleums that serve as final resting places for a veritable Who's Who of famous Argentines, including such illustrious souls as Eva Perón, now embalmed in the Duarte family tomb.

Although somewhat ostentatious, these beautiful crypts are a testament to the national interest in death, something so important that Argentinians continue to honor their family members' birthdays and death-days alike.

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The area is also popular for its cafés, tango parlors, and boutique shops and is a delight to explore, particularly during the San Telmo Sunday Fair (Feria de San Telmo), an antiques fair that draws crowds of eager shoppers and sightseers alike.

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