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Carbon 14 dating dead sea scrolls

But others questioned the authenticity of the fragile manuscripts. At the same time, Israelis wanted the scrolls, if they were authentic, to “come home” for permanent viewing in the new Jewish state.But Israel faced two serious problems in that effort.

The Israeli government was able to purchase the four scrolls for 0,000 (the equivalent of about .2 million today) through an American middleman.Two years later, in 1991 the Biblical Archaeology Review published a two volume Facsimile Edition of all scrolls.Soon Michael Wise, Assistant Professor of Aramaic in the Dept of Near Eastern Languages at the University of Chicago came into the work. In September 1991 the Huntington Library of San Marino CA made available to scholars its photos of all plates. 6 the authors claim that their volume contains what they consider fifty of the most important documents, reconstructed out of about 150 plates. Their volume gives an introduction to each text, a copy in Hebrew or Aramaic of the text itself, followed by some notes. A four day conference on the scrolls was scheduled for the New York Blood Center for Dec.During the 1948 Israeli War of Independence, Jordan gained control of the region where the discovery took place, and Israelis were blocked from direct access to the manuscripts.In addition, many Christian professors who had access to the scrolls prevented Jewish scholars from examining the parchments: a case of academic anti-Semitism.

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About 20% of the scrolls were soon published, but the remainder were held out for 35 years.