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In the early 80s, several US hardcore bands wrote queer-themed songs, and Gary Floyd of The Dicks along with Randy Turner of Big Boys were notable in both being out and outspoken gay men. Jones and Bruce La Bruce, is widely acknowledged as being the zine which launched the movement. D.s is seen by many to be the catalyst that pushed the queercore scene into existence", writes Amy Spencer in DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture.

In England, in the anarcho-punk scene, Andy Martin of The Apostles was equally forthright. Emerging out of the anarchist scene, at first the editors of J.

Of these early queercore labels, Chainsaw and Heartcore are still active and are still releasing new material. S., such as Marilyn Medusa, and in Canada, Scott Treleaven's This Is The Salivation Army, began to link queercore with Paganism; at the same time, other strands in queercore began to link themselves with Riot Grrrl, and still others with anarchism. continuing in the path of Homocore Chicago and leading the way for other, similar clubs to come in the 2000s.

Mainstream media coverage intensified when Pansy Division toured the U. In the 2000s, queercore club nights and events continued to take place throughout Europe and North America.

The first issue was released in 1985, with a manifesto entitled "Don't Be Gay" published in the fanzine Maximum Rockn Roll following soon after; inspiring, among many other zines, Holy Titclamps, edited by Larry-bob, Homocore by Tom Jennings and Deke Nihilson, Donna Dresch's Chainsaw, and Outpunk by Matt Wobensmith, these last two later functioning as music labels.Queercore expresses itself in a DIY style through zines, music, writing, art and film.As a musical genre, it may be distinguished by lyrics exploring themes of prejudice and dealing with issues such as sexual identity, gender identity and the rights of the individual; more generally, queercore bands offer a critique of society endemic to their position within it, sometimes in a light-hearted way, sometimes seriously.Along with Outpunk, independent record labels such as Alternative Tentacles, K Records, Kill Rock Stars, Lookout!Records, Yoyo Recordings and Candy Ass Records also supported and released material by queercore artists but in the mid to late 1990s several other small labels, alongside Outpunk, sprung up solely devoted to queercore.

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"In many ways the angry- girl genre owes its existence to punk homocore 'zines..." writes Emily White in Rock She Wrote.