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There is no set time frame for how long couples should stay in the dating stage. The idea of two people being preordained for each other is Biblical and can be accurate.

Our advice would be, take your time, you’re not in a hurry. It can be revealed to them through a prophecy, dream, etc., specifically identifying whom they should marry.

The same could be true for a younger man paired with an older woman.

It would be good to know why you are attracted to someone much older or younger than you. Are you trying to fill a void of parental love and affection? Moral Revolution believes that God put an internal line in each of us, that tells us what is/is not appropriate regarding our sexual choices.

We believe that someone “becomes the one” when you marry them.The question isn’t really if it is right or wrong, but if it is healthy.It used to be the norm for an older man to be with a younger woman. What we typically think when we see a younger woman with an older man is that she either wants the security that an older man gives her, or she has father issues and wants a father.We do not recommend that you talk about all these things on the first date.We do not recommend that you try to figure out if he/she is “the one” on the first date. DOES GOD PREORDAIN RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN A HUSBAND AND WIFE OR ARE WE FREE TO CHOOSE OUR SPOUSE?

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Both of these scenarios are intimacy avoidance – they keep you from having real intimacy.

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