Dating and aquarius male

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Dating and aquarius male

Just don't doubt him; it may trigger him to do something he didn't even think of doing before.You may try as much as you can to hide your suspicions from him, but he will be able to guess and that would make him miserable.In case you are extremely sensitive, it is better to move away now.However, if you can digest his quirkiness without complaining, you will be leading a life full of surprises and at times, shocks.You will be treated like a queen and start feeling like one too.

The very next, he may not meet you even after confirming the meeting just an hour back.Just like he has male friends, he will have female friends too. Don't try to bind Gemini men too much and let them have their independence and freedom. They make excellent fathers, who are more like buddies to their children.A Gemini man will cuddle them with love, compete with them like a friend and protect them like a father.He is not an egoist and will want you to express your intelligence. Geminis tend to move over old friends and make new ones, but that's because their personality changes so frequently that people find it difficult to cope up with them. To win the heart of a Gemini male, just assure him that you are the one who will always be near him, but won't get too close to him or lean on him.He will gladly take you with him and let you see all that he sees.

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A Gemini man is too idealistic to indulge in adultery and loyalty is something you will not have to worry about.

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