Dating at midlife what you need to know

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Dating at midlife what you need to know

While it has become a common cliché, some women find themselves facing a challenging (and possibly even eye-opening) period anywhere between their 40s and early 50s, something that has been referred to since the '60s as a "midlife crisis.""In some ways, we for the midlife crisis," says Dr.

"Sex can really suffer when women go through perimenopause or menopause because of vaginal dryness and low libido," says Millheiser.

Sure, some men were polite, attractive and intelligent, but for years no sparks flew in my direction and no one was ever all that funny, interesting or a better option than a hot bath, rented movie or a stack of new magazines.

The boys didn’t need any more surprises from a parent.

However, there is no need to toss out your pretty panties and crawl under the covers in your oversized pajamas.

"You don't have to 'grin and bear it' because there are so many options today," she stresses.

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"Armed with this knowledge, people may find the crises of adult life easier to bear."As a result of soul searching, it's possible that you've drawn some significant conclusions about the state of your life, like perhaps that your marriage isn't as romantic as you had hoped or your career is no longer fulfilling. "Women will come into my office and say, 'I feel like I'm going crazy,' 'I can't remember where I've left things,' 'I don't know why I walked into a room,' 'I have such a short fuse,' 'I'm angry all of the time,' or 'My kids and my spouse don't want to be around me,'" says Leah S.

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