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Dating dennison watch cases

They had six children, one daughter, Mary, and five sons, Richard, Giffin or Griffin, John, William and Thomas. His eldest son, Richard, became an attorney-at law.Richard Rayment himself was not only a fine craftsman; he was also very successful in business. Mary's Church in Bury on 17th May, his memorial reads "Mr Richard Rayment aged 65." His will describes him as clockmaker, and in it he bequeathed his tools, materials and shop to his son, Giffin.He may have worked at Bury as early as 1694, but we know for certain he had moved to work in Bury St. There was Mark in 1702 who died in infancy, William in 1703, John in 1705 who died in infancy, another Mark in 1707 and George in 1711.Edmunds when he married there in 1701, and that he remained there till his death in 1750. Mark Hawkins was followed into his business at the corner of Whiting Street and Churchgate Street by his son William.The period from 1720 to 1760 has been called the Golden Age of Clockmaking in England.During these years the production of high class Long Case clocks in Suffolk was at its peak.The silver pair-cased verge watch is signed "Rich: Rayment, St. A view inside the case can be seen by clicking on the illustration.

(Until 1752 the year was not reckoned to begin until March 25th.) Mary, his wife, died on 29th March 1752. Richard Rayment, Bury St Edmunds, b1686-d1754 Richard Rayment is recorded by Haggar and Miller as one of Suffolk's most important makers.It is signed, "Richard Rayment St Edmunds Bury." It has an 8 day verge escapement with repeating action on two bells, half seconds pendulum, and an ebonised case. Another example of his work is in the Bridewell Museum, Norwich.Haggar and Miller's Supplement to Suffolk Clockmakers included a report that a turret clock at All Saints Church, Great Thurlow, was made by Richard Rayment of Bury St Edmunds, in 1734.LOCAL MAKERS 1700-1799 Thomas Atkinson Henry Browning Chaplin brothers John Clark John Collins Robert Debenham (Melford) Bilby Dorling Thomas Edwards Thomas Freestone Thomas Gardiner Thomas Harris Mark Hawkins senior William Hawkins Mark Hawkins junior Robert Leach George Lumley Mary Lumley Thomas Mortlock (Strad) Thomas Mortlock (Clare) Daniel Ray (Sudbury) William Ray (Sudbury) Richard Rayment Giffin Rayment William Rayment T Rayment John Roberts Robert Rogers John Rowning (Newmarket) William Rowning William Rust William Shaw William Sleightholme Edmund Smith John Spendlove I (Thetford) John Spendlove II (Thetford) James Spendlove (Brandon) John Simpson Spendlove Charles Spicer G Tew James Thatcher John Tilbrook Thomas Watts Introduction to Suffolk C18 Clockmakers By the 18th century clockmakers were becoming more numerous, and every town would have a clock maker or a clock seller.The most famous in Suffolk were the Moore family of Ipswich, Thomas Moore being the best known of the family.

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As a freeholder in Bury he voted in the Suffolk county poll of 1727, and in 1734 he served as churchwarden at St. We know that he owned property as one George Lumley (see below) was named as tenant of one of his properties.

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