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The most effective way forward for those who have a Gibson Les Paul having a pressed in 6 digit SN is always to seek advice from a useful resource guide just like "The Blue Book of Electric Guitars" which is able to match dates together with numbers.

Through 1961 to 1969, Gibson made use of SN's that had been stamped within the wood, in no way inked on.

Guidlines for finding the guitar's correct age can certainly be just like an activity taken from an episode of "CSI," in which you determine a age determined by several different forensic research examinations, not simply the serial number. From 1953, a 3 digit SN had been stamped at the top.

Subsequently in that year, in addition to carrying on all the way through 1961, Gibson pressed a 5 or 6 number using ink upon the rear of the electric guitars headstock.

In the event the serial number does not match with all the physical indications and you are thinking about purchasing, request some provenance before you decide to take the plunge.

Recently, we shared some incredibly popular advice from guitarist Kennis Russell—"How to Spot a Fake Fender Stratocaster in Seconds."Russell made the video because, at some point, he bought a used Strat at his local guitar shop and soon realized it was fake.

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