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I have dated Virgos, Pisces, Scorpios, Sagittarius, Libras and 3 Aries.They are so good in bed, so creative and true and pure and just wonderful. If you learn to bite your tongue and be honest and know he is what you want you will be so happy.We connected instantly, had mentally stimulating conversations, and the passion between us sexually was just as captivating.

When we argue it gets ugly and I will not back down that is the Gemini in me I guess.:-) They could not be with a weak woman because they would walk all over them!!!!!!

even though I wanted deeply to be loved and cherished..

(twin personalities) He has been the only man to capture and keep my attention... I am a Gemini woman and I am dating an Aries man and I have to say the connection we have is unlike no other I have ever experience both sexually, mentally and physically and I normally shy away from a man that is bold and likes me to much but with him I connect with and don't want to run away like all the others I feel loved cherished and feel like he can keep up with me on all levels I agree soul mate material I am a Gemini Woman, dating an Aries man, we've been together for a year now but we've known each other for five.

I do believe (mostly) in the astrology realm and as I'm Gemini curious to see if what I read and live through (as in regards to astrology actually come true).

I am in a new relationship with an Aries man, one who had a crush on me when we were much younger and after many, many years met again (through mutual friends) and are now in a relationship.

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