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Dating herts

The meetings chosen are usually of special interest or have been particularly enjoyed on past visits.Travel in UK is usually by car on an expense sharing basis.Visits will be published, regularly updated, on the Herts Provincial website and sent to interested brethren from time to time. Any brother interested in a visit or visits should email Tony Godfrey ([email protected]) His name will then appear with the visit(s) that he has chosen.Each visit will have an organiser who will be attending the function and will be in communication with the host lodge and the interested Wanderers.This is an attitude that goes back to the beginning of archaeology, when wealthy Victorian gentlemen who saw themselves as the pinnacle of civilisation viewed people in Africa, Asia and the Americas as “savages”.They compared the societies of these people with what they could discover about the European past and saw many similarities.These people were not constrained by the sorts of deadlines we have: like the builders of a medieval cathedral, they were content to spend decades, even centuries, building their monuments. The technology of Neolithic farmers may have been primitive in comparison with ours, but we can still be awe-struck in front of their achievements.As an archaeologist who has shifted untold tonnes of soil over the years, I am well aware just how much effort was put in by the people who excavated the outer ditch of the Stapleton’s Field henge to a depth of 1.5 metres and a width of 5 m using only antler picks and cattle shoulder-blade shovels.

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Malta is well know for its Neolithic temples, which include some of the oldest stone structures in the world (only Göbekli Tepe, in south-eastern Turkey, is older: even the pyramids of Egypt are not as old).

I visited one of the most famous, at Tarxien (pronounced “Tar-sheen”), for the fifth time while away.

Their lives were as rich and full of joy, conflict, love and pain as our own.

The differences between us are largely those of technology and the scale of our societies.

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John Hicks, Brian Wright, William Clocksin Malta Courtesy Peter Addington Alan Smith.

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