Dating nigerians in london

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The then minister of information, Dora Akunyili, came to hear of it, and went to Ibadan to meet him."I think it was because of her that he was selected for the 50 distinguished Nigerians honour," Olaniran says.It was during his research for that history that he learned who the designer of the Nigerian flag was and decided to track him down.was living alone, left to the care of his neighbours.He was also given a lifetime's salary of a presidential special assistant - around 800,000 naira (roughly ,000) is now paid into his account every the wrong name for the college he attended in London, doesn't remember why he underwent surgery within days of winning the competition and cannot give a single detail about what he was doing on October 1, 1960, when Nigeria raised its national flag for the first time.He does not have a phone and last owned a car in the early 1990s.But he enjoys walking through the neighbourhood and further afield to visit two friends from his school days. The furthest he recently travelled was a visit to Abuja in 2014, where he received a national honour from then-president Goodluck Jonathan.

The 3rd Annual Igbo Conference, held at the University of London’s School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) attracted academics from the US, UK and Nigeria, students and people interested in knowing more about the region.His son does not know what the illness was, and cannot remember what the doctors diagnosed.The only symptoms he can describe are a relapsing fever and "thinking too much"."When I met him in 2006, he would never say anything negative," Olaniran remembers."He would say 'God bless Nigeria,' or 'Nigeria is moving forward and will keep moving forward.' Even when you could see around him that he was not well taken care of." At the time, Olaniran was compiling a pamphlet on Nigeria's history.

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He has been on medication for many years, but three months ago the doctors took him off the pills whose names he cannot remember.