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But once her friends have dried her tears, she’s feeling much better, and she’ll turn to her second favorite coping mechanism – retail therapy.

Her friends will say she’s amazing and deserves much better, and the end result is a more confident looking, gorgeous woman.

It’s just that in a time that requires a certain amount of healing, like a breakup, male friends aren’t much use.

However, a woman’s social network is usually stronger.

On the surface, it looks like the guy has moved on at the speed of light, while the girl is left wallowing in misery.

So why is it that how men deal with breakups differs so drastically from how women do it?

But men don’t have that luxury; however, while a show of tears will be scoffed at, a display of temper is more acceptable in males.Hence, a lot of bottled up resentment turns into anger, which is why you hear stories of men smashing their ex-girlfriends’ car windows, or bitching about them on social media.Of course, not all men do this, but a man pushed over the edge by hurt (and alcohol) may try to vent his feelings through rage. Men neglect self care I know, we did say that women sat at home with messed up hair and old pajamas with eyes swollen from crying. A previously lovey-dovey couple has just broken up, and the girl is now cooped up at home, wearing baggy jammies with unwashed hair and binge-eating ice cream.The guy, on the other hand, is out at a club with his friends, eyeing up pretty girls, and he has never looked better.

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Everyone’s heard of the way men just ‘wall up’ when a woman is trying to talk about something, and they do it more when the topic of discussion is uncomfortable for them.

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