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This dispute is dated to 858/59: King Ludwig invaded in Aug 858, when King Charles was faced with widespread rebellion, and was defeated in Jan 859.

However, Robert "le Fort" is already named as missus in Maine, Anjou and Touraine in Nov 853, in a document issued by King Charles II (see below), unless of course this document refers to Robert Seigneur [comte] Sesseau, which is not impossible Secondly, there is a possible connection between Robert "le Fort" and the family of Aledramn [I] Comte de Troyes, who died in [852] (see CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY).

The line of Dreux also provided dukes of Brittany from 1213 until 1514, when the duchy fell to the French crown (see BRITTANY DUKES).

According to Pinoteau, the name "Capet" was first attributed to the dynasty by Ralph de Diceto writing in London in [1200], maybe because of the position of the early kings as lay abbots of St Martin of Tours, where part of the "cappa" of the saint was allegedly conserved.Robert, younger son of Louis VIII King of France, was installed as comte d'Artois in 1237, his descendants ruling the county until 1329 (see NORTHERN FRANCE - ARTOIS, BOULOGNE etc.), as well as the county of Eu from 1351 to 1472 (see NORMANDY - ARQUES, AUMLE, CAUX, EU, ROUEN).Robert's younger brother Charles was invested as king of Sicily by Pope Clement IV in 1265, his descendants continuing to rule in southern Italy until 1435 (see SICILY KINGS) and in Hungary from 1301 to 1387 (see HUNGARY KINGS).An unspecific Franconian origin is favoured by the Annales Xantenses which name him Ruodbertusortus de Francia, dux Karoli when recording his death.The possible identity of Roberts mother is suggested by the charter dated 20 Feb "anno XXVII regnante domino Carolorege" under which "Robertusbeati Martini abbaset comes" confirmed donations to Tour Saint-Martin made "olimab Odone quondam comite Aurelianensi avunculo nostro et Willelmo eius filio".

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