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Define dating alias

It does this by checking whether another process has made changes to a record since it was read and throws an Optimistic Lock Error when a conflict is detected. Even though there can only be one error message for each model validation method at any one time, it is presented as a single string error in an array, to maximize consistency with the field errors. const Project = sequelize.import(__dirname "/path/to/models/project") // The model definition is done in /path/to/models/// As you might notice, the Data Types are the very same as explained above module.exports = (sequelize, Data Types) = property to true in a specific model definition or global model configuration. Optimistic locking allows concurrent access to model records for edits and prevents conflicts from overwriting data. UTC(2016, 1, 1)), ]; // '("2016-01-01 ", "2016-02-01 ")' Timeline.create();// empty range: Timeline.create(); // range = 'empty' // Unbounded range: Timeline.create(); // range = '[,)' // range = '[,"2016-01-01 ")' Timeline.create(); // Infinite range: // range = '[-infinity,"2016-01-01 ")' Timeline.create();// Defer all foreign key constraint check to the end of a transaction Sequelize. INITIALLY_DEFERRED // Immediately check the foreign key constraints Sequelize. INITIALLY_IMMEDIATE // Don't defer the checks at all Sequelize. NOT The last option is the default in Postgre SQL and won't allow you to dynamically change the rule in a transaction.

Currently supported is the creation and deletion of tables: // Create the tables: Project.sync() Task.sync() // Force the creation!

If you do not want timestamps on your models, only want some timestamps, or you are working with an existing database where the columns are named something else, jump straight on to configuration to see how to do that.

Below are some of the datatypes supported by sequelize.

UNSIGNED // INTEGER(11) UNSIGNED ZEROFILL Sequelize. Since range types have extra information for their bound inclusion/exclusion it's not very straightforward to just use a tuple to represent them in javascript.

So this enum name must follow this pattern then correct name will automatically be generated.

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