Doggy dating template

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Doggy dating template

Unsure of what to do, the two robbers camp out in the bank, holding all the workers hostage.Police Detective Sergeant Eugene Moretti (Charles Durning) calls the bank to tell Sonny the police have arrived.Murphy again reminds Sal to aim his gun up so he does not fire by accident.Sal does so, and Agent Sheldon forces Sonny's weapon onto the dashboard, creating a distraction which allows Murphy to pull a revolver hidden in his armrest and shoot Sal in the head.As night sets in, the lights in the bank all shut off.

Within minutes, the building is surrounded by the police.After the phone call, the doctor asks Sonny to let Mulvaney leave, and Sonny agrees. She unsuccessfully tries persuading him to give himself up, and Agent Sheldon signals that a limousine will arrive in 10 minutes to take them to a waiting jet.However, Mulvaney refuses to leave, insisting upon remaining with his employees. Once back inside the bank, Sonny writes out his will, leaving money from his life insurance to Leon for her sex change and to Angie.The two have a lengthy conversation that reveals Leon had attempted suicide to "get away from" Sonny.She had been hospitalized at the psychiatric ward of Bellevue Hospital until the police brought her to the scene.

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Sonny is immediately arrested, and the hostages are all escorted to the terminal.

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