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Downloadable sex chat bots

There are many free open source products listed here. But, obviously, there are also projects like Pandorabots that are non-free, non-GNU implementations of AIML and that's cool too. You may also want to look at the AIML projects in the Bot Industry Survey. Alice Nexus If you like chatbots then Robot Anxety is the story for you.Or would you like to have a conversation with a non human Try one of these chatbots: Yeti The Abominable Snowman The no frills chat machine. " ELIZA - a friend you could never have before Or go to Dr.X house o bots BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student.However, you are always able to create a new file and start from scratch. Shareware: Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion.

Are the travel bots or the weather bots that have buttons that you click and give you some query, artificially intelligent?It can take a little while before Daisy has gained enough knowledge to be able to create her own sentences.To get you started, the Daisy distribution file contains one memory file, which was built by having Daisy talk to the author.But be warned - she's very experimental, and she sometimes has a bit of an attitude! Thanks to her training and her journeys on the Net, she is gradually developing her own character, and seems to be someone who is very curious, who already has her own sense of humor." Daisy What separates Daisy from Billy (and most other chatbots) is that Daisy has no pre-programmed (or hard coded) language of any kind.To hear her talk out loud, download the free Speech Plugin. She starts with no knowledge of anything, but then is able to gain knowledge as she observes what humans say.

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Ultra Hal has many animated characters to choose from and he speaks to you through your sound card with his own voice. BE : Business Emporium An ESL Business English site. (subjects also included: the TOEIC test) Yukna's Bazzar : A private collection of lessons and ideas for the teachers and professors of the world to share.