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DE DELPHI FAQ - scam chat transcripts FOREIGN OFFICE SPECIAL OPS DEPT 419 HELL JOE WEIN MES AMIS LES CYBER ARNAQUEURS NIGERIAN ANTI-SCAM NETWORK NOTTINGHAM: SCAMBAITING AND ME SCAMBAITER DEUTSCHLAND SCAM PATROL SCAMBAITING'S WORLD SIKKERHETSTJENESTE HEAR NO EVIL (deaf relay scams) WORDTRAVELS (forum, dating scams) This web site curates (hilariously unsuccessful) attempts at ADVANCE FEE FRAUD.[If you're already hip, skip to the scambaits] The sender claims to be a bureaucrat, banker or royal toadie, wanting to move vast sums into your hands, honestly or otherwise. Palms must be greased, imaginary legal documents must be acquired - with your money. eventually you get wise, and retire to lick your wounds. Most '419' e-mails come from West Africa, chiefly Nigeria, or Nigerian expatriates (who happily scam other Nigerians). That is scambaiting, and the raison d'être for Scamorama.] The 125 letters below introduce the literary genre of the Lads from Lagos. TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Lou Al S1ndor's 11-month bait, complete with conniving imaginary rival scammer BARGING IN - Tossov is invited to a conference! AMANDA RECKON WITH - from Rabbi Ben Zona's archives, Amanda the refugee STRAIGHT OUTTA EAST DOCKLANDS - OR NOT - Maryjane Bongresin vs. James (updated 8/26) CUSTOMER CARE - Rabbi Ben Zona hears from the U. TAKE IT ON FAITH - Nigel Ryan-Schama insists a scammer abandon his faith IMA NOTHER - Raynaz's friend was mugged and needs money to get home!Other versions of the scam play on your charity, loneliness, or naiveté (you can't win a lottery you didn't enter! Orphan, cancer patient, dead bank customer, phony job offer, overpayment with a cashier's check... Although 419ers have their own style, their emails, which smack of political satire, contain elements harking back to 19th century European literature. a struggling student with alien abduction issues YOU ARE NOTING BUT A FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - Lou Al Sindor is anything but. THE BAIT THAT WOULDN'T DIE - Lou Sindor's five-month foray against phony bankers (another "we owe you money you've been scammed out of" scam OOZING CAPITAL - Rabbi Ben Zona in a "we owe you money you've been scammed out of" scam THINGS OF THE EARTH ARE CANAL - Beau D'Acious vs a Solomon Islands cancer victim SHARP AS AN ECHIDNA - Sheila the koala farmer looks for love in all the wrong places OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS - scammer poses as political militant MANY A SLIP 'TWIST CUP AND LIP - Charles Farnes-Barnes receives a grant! DEAR LANDLORD - Wheelchair-bound Lovey Howell answers bogus rental ad (updated april 29) NOT IN THE CARDS - Filthy Mc Nasty and an ATM card loaded with moolah! FINAL FALLACY - Sephiroth Crescent versus scammers - and Strife! A MESSAGE TO YOU RUDY - Naz tries to help an orphan claim his inheritance ONE LUMPUR OR TWO?Taiba is probably some guy in drag and has a lengthy criminal record. [email protected] Claims that your email will be activated unless you click on their phishing link. [email protected] - James Thomas 22678002881 wants to give you a fake ATM card while he steals your real ATM number and drains your bank account. [email protected] Scumbag scammer pretending to be one of the heirs of the Walmart Fortune. [email protected]& [email protected] More facebook phishing scammers. Scammers are getting better with their domains but you can still identify them.Here is his/her number 22998092770 [email protected] Kristina. looking to make a deal with you that will rip you off. [email protected] Bill And Andrea Groner want to give you 50 million dollars from their charity. [email protected] Klaus Switon wants you to contact him at [email protected] [email protected] Claims that you're uncle has money from you. [email protected] - Another fake paypal account claiming that your account will be limited. [email protected] Zhang Tengwen wants you to help him to move 18.5 million dollars. Christina [email protected] They're promising you a sizeable check to deposit. [email protected]& [email protected] They wants you to download their virus infected attachments. [email protected]& [email protected]$ [email protected] More Whatsapp phishing scams. [email protected] Claims to be from Microsoft hotmail asking for you to verify your account or it will be terminated. [email protected] Claims Andrea Wilkinson from Google support sent you an email. There are no real messages but malware and virus waiting to infect your computer. You might think you hit the lottery but he will if you send him any money. [email protected] They want you to invest in some razor blades made in China. [email protected] Maureen claims to want to give you millions as long as you give the rest to charity.

JULIET DANIEL with a phone number of 229-6746-9909. Another thief probably from West Africa looking for English speaking suckers to rip off. [email protected]& [email protected]& [email protected] More phishing scams from fake google accounts. The only thing that sill split, is this person, with your money. They want a business deal with you where they'll give you 10 percent of the money. You should propose that he takes his business elsewhere. [email protected] and [email protected] - Adrian Bayford has won the lottery and wants to share it with you. [email protected] Phishing scam claims suspicious activity on your microsoft email account. [email protected] - Mr Benjain Chad111 wants you to listen to his proposal. [email protected] [email protected] Has a proposal for you. [email protected] Veronica claims she has cancer and has money from a gold mine for you. Well this is a guarantee that you will lose your money in sixty minutes. Kabo Uago with the phone number of 226 65974887 has an inheritence for you. [email protected] [email protected] Scam Victims Compensation Fund want to tell you are getting compensation for being scammed before.They want you to click on their fake link to steal your information. If she really wanted to be giving, she'd throw herself off a bridge. [email protected] - Central Bank of Benin with Japanese domain name wants to know why you haven't received their funds. [email protected] Phishing scam claims missed google messages. [email protected] Has attachment with virus wants to know if she can trust. [email protected] More executives from the so called Bank of Africa with money for you. These are phone numbers listed in scam 1 2 and 234-(807) 733-2275 [email protected]& [email protected] Scammer claims the Central Bank of Nigeria has funds for you. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] More Gmail phishing [email protected]& [email protected] Peter Godwin and Micheline Ekwe wants to deposit 0,0000 into to your account. [email protected] Bernice wants your financial and personal information so they can give you .8Million on an ATM MASTER CARD. Taiba Ondikwa wants your personal information (and money) so she can rip you off while she claims she has a %1.5 million transfer from the West African country of Benin for you. [email protected] [email protected] Another fake email from Malaysia that claims to be from FBI head James Comey. Always check the sender email address and notice how they are not from google.

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[email protected] Scammers claiming they have federal grants. Probably a guy in West Africa somewhere and not a beautiful looking european woman, [email protected] Paul ikemba wants to transfer millions of dollars to you. One would hope he has a life insurance policy and that a truck hits him. Possibly a hijacked email from the college in Washington. Alessandro Barbini is looking for investment opportunities. [email protected] Miss Eleev Belaid from the north African country of Tunisia has an investment of 5.8 million for you. Sismer Shirley Acojedo and Wilfred Kabore want to scam you by promising you 4.7 million dollars. [email protected] Looking to give you fake money from a bank in West Africa. Too bad Arnold schwarzenegger can't terminate this scammer and their phishing scam. [email protected] Aidan Satif wants to discuss business with you despite the fact he doesn't know your name at all. Maybe they are legitimate but I am sure the sender of this email is not. [email protected]& [email protected] Fake business proposition from someone who can't even understand English. [email protected] IT might be in Spanish but it's the universal language of trying to rip you off!! The only one getting charity is this POS scammer and not an orphanage.

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