Elf and drawf dating game

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Elf and drawf dating game

The Djogeon warn humans about dangers and sometimes bring good fortune.Dwarfs are sometimes represented as helpful creatures or wise advisors.

For instance, the Awakkule are strong mountain dwarfs who act as helpful spirits in Crow mythology.The Maze is that which makes it difficult to get from point A to point B.Technically, mazes in video games are usually labyrinths.In Germanic mythology, elves are tiny creatures who can bring disease to people and to cattle or can cause nightmares by sitting on a sleeper's chest.They also steal newborn babies and replace them with deformed elf children, called “changelings.” In Central American myths, dwarfs are associated with caves, forests, and fertility.

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Dwarfs generally look like old men with long beards and are sometimes ugly or misshapen.

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