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When Josh moved out of their house into a duplex, we had family dinners and celebrated holidays together to ease the transition for the girls.

While friends and family shook their heads in bafflement, we forged our relationship based on mutual respect, empathy and an overpowering love for those two beautiful children.

The one thing I don’t know, and may never know, is whether our bond is genuine affection on Beka’s part or the result of her sheer will to make this work, to avoid falling prey to bitterness, to refuse to be a victim.

It isn’t my place to ask such a thing, and ultimately it doesn’t matter.

Her two daughters sat between us in child-size pedicure chairs, chattering away and paying no attention to our conversation.

“I scheduled a facial, a massage, and lots of drinks beginning at 2 p.m.,” she said. We know half the attorneys in town, and I bet we’ll see someone in court.

#sorryaboutyourparentsdivorce #sparklytoenailsmakeitallbetter Over 8 whole weeks I’ve had relationships (plural) and managed to create entire chaos cycles.“It makes more sense for the divorce to be about another woman,” he said. “Josh wants you to meet our girls, but I need to get to know you first.” Her smile seemed genuine, her eyes kind.“Many of our friends are going through divorces for the same reason. She was small and beautiful, somehow elegant in casual shorts.After we all had hugged good night, I thought, “This won’t last.” I braced myself for the wrath to come, but it never materialized.Instead, Beka introduced me to their adorable children, and my immediate bond with them made me silently rejoice that I didn’t have children of my own.

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I met her husband, Josh, the summer before, on Mother’s Day, which coincided with their 12th wedding anniversary.