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Free hermaphrodite dating site

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[1] Against the unreferenced note above of 1% and 2% the Report itself states: Paradoxically, a growing number of post-operative transsexuals are scathing about their medical care.These standards are open to the criticism of being ineffective, or being too strict, discouraging genuinely transsexual people from seeking treatment.It is claimed that Meta-reviews of post-operative transsexuals prior to 1991 reveal a rate of serious regrets of less than 1% for transsexual men and less than 2% for transsexual women, while studies published after 1991 have reported a decrease in the rates for both, likely due to improved psychological and surgical treatments.Many transsexual people also desire various types of medical alterations to their bodies.These physical alterations are collectively referred to as sex reassignment therapy and often include hormones and sex reassignment surgery.

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If untreated, it can lead to mental and emotional problems, and sometimes, suicide.