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She is the highest-paid actress on television, according to Forbes.

Jab app mera jagni mizaz sa santosh ho joyaga, to app me darwaja ke picha band kar ka, samaj sa door kardana.

Science | Earth and space science | Earth materials | Rocks | Evolution | Geologic time | History and nature of science | Historical perspectives | Scientific breakthroughs | Scientists and inventors | Science as inquiry | Science process skills | Modeling relative dating, rock, stratigraphy, Law of Superposition, Law of Original Horizontality, Earth's history, geologic time, sedimentary rock, rock layer, Nicolaus Steno, Bob Ballard, sunken ship, 7th century ship, estimation, weathering, erosion, geologic event, folding, syncline, anticline, unconformity, carbon capture and sequestration, carbon dioxide, intrusion, extrusion, fault, molten rock, Ceramic Container photo: IFE/COEAO; Anticline photo: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons; Syncline photo: Peter Haydock/The JASON Project; Intrusion photo: Peter Haydock/The JASON Project; San Andreas Fault photo: James P.

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