Google desktop weather not updating

Posted by / 24-Aug-2019 05:58

The Sidebar is available on the Windows and Linux versions of Google Desktop.

The Sidebar comes pre-installed with the following gadgets: Like the Windows Taskbar, the Google Desktop sidebar can be set to Auto-Hide mode, where it will only appear once the user moves the mouse cursor towards the side where it resides.

Even though other desktop search programs can search files meta data, Google Desktop (for Windows) is the only one that uses the "title" tag for its results lists of all files (On Linux it shows the meta-data of HTML files, but not PDF files).

Other programs use the file names for their results lists.

If not on auto-hide, by default the sidebar will always take up about 1/6 – 1/9 of the screen (depending on the screen resolution), and other windows are forced to resize.

However, the sidebar can be resized to take less space, and users can disable the "always on top" feature in the options.

The reason given was that "In the last few years, there’s been a huge shift from local to cloud-based storage and computing, as well as the integration of search and gadget functionality into most modern operating systems.

Web results will open in a browser window, and selected computer results will be displayed in the "Quick Find" box (see above).Google Desktop was originally developed to bring Google search technology to the desktop.Google Desktop received much attention because it may allow reverse engineering of Google's proprietary search algorithm.Desktop gadgets are interactive mini-applications that can be placed anywhere on the user's desktop – or docked in the Sidebar – to show new email, weather, photos, and personalized news.Google offers a gallery of pre-built gadgets for download on the official website.

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This window is filled with six (by default) of the most relevant results from the user's computer.