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Version 4 has you enter the password at the Toodledo site, not as shown below If you have standard MYN settings at Toodledo, then leave Task Folder at All Tasks.Then click the Select Folder button on right to select your Outlook Tasks folder, and find your main tasks folder in that folder tree—its path will then be entered into the space to its left. Setting up the Sync Options Activate the Sync Options tab next.Otherwise the lists will definitely look like they did not sync correctly, even if they did.Install g Syncit Okay, with those warnings in place, first, get a copy of g Syncit here and install it in Outlook (installation is pretty straight forward).

I am using g Syncit to sync task from Outlook 2010 to Toodledo. Only when I try to sync tasks using the CONTEXT field, do I receive this error. And it seems random on which tasks throw the error. Throw If Error(Xml Document xml Document) at services.

Settings in this tab vary depending on whether you are using 1MTD or MYN.

If using MYN, and running the sync unattended as I described in Part 1, then just set them as below (version 3 shown here; options are in a slightly different order in version 4 and some are omitted in vers 4).

If you have other purposes in mind, go for it—just don’t ask us how to do it!

And, the instructions below are only for syncing tasks with the MYN and 1MTD task systems in mind.

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