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She has got short, but sexy legs and her feet are small too, her shoe size is 6.There are pictures of her posing in bikinis, and you can see them on her Instagram account.Apart from taking care of her siblings, she was also to feed them or clean them at occasions, and made sure they didn’t fight.She attended the local Eltham High School, where she earned to perform by participating in any of the school’s programs.Emily Jane Browning is a singer/ actress who was born on 7th of December 1988 (her current age is 28 years old) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.She was born as the first out of 3 children to a plumber named Andrew Browning and his kinder garden teacher wife, Shelly.

Being the eldest child, Emily used to have responsibilities from her earliest days.The two were having a good time, and the relationship was assumed to last longer, but the lack of commitment made it not so possible.After breaking up, she met the English actor Max Irons, during a shoot.She has also got a tattoo on her arm that says “a blessed unrest that keeps us marching.” She has not undergone any plastic surgery but is believed to have done Lash Dip, which is beautifying one’s eyes and gives that semi mascara effect to the eyes.Being a young and talented girl, and given how attractive she is, it is not doubted that she has been in a relationship before, and not just once.

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She has played in the movie Sleeping Beauty, where she has gone completely topless (nude).

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