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I pray Rabbis do not keep her from perfoming for Israel and maybe the World!

I know that Tablet is pretty anti-religion, but maybe you guys want to feature someone that went the other way when forced with the same decision that Ofir needed to make (i.e.

The punishment is symbolic.” Her meek protestations, however, were largely ignored.

Ben Sheetrit has become the newest focal point of one of Israeli society’s oldest and most bitter struggles, the ever-growing rift between an increasingly stringent Orthodoxy and a combative secular majority wary of religious extremism.

religious girl with great voice but how to deal with her religion)?

Bulletproof Stockings is an all-girl alt-rock band which are getting pretty popular.

“Her voice is pure,” he wrote on his Facebook page, “and it seems like her personality is magical as well.” The progressive rabbinical organization Tzohar ran an article in its official publication hailing Ben Sheetrit as a role model for her peers, “a religious girl who only loved her God and wanted, wanted so much, to sing in His honor.” And Ben Sheetrit’s neighbors in Nir Galim, the religious where she lives, expressed their enthusiastic support for their most famous daughter.Ben Sheetrit’s school, incensed that their student had flouted the stricture forbidding religious women to sing in public and the prohibition against touching members of the opposite sex, suspended her for two weeks.Reality television being more popular in Israel than any other human pursuit, the suspension soon made front-page news.“I’m looking for a way to cultivate my talent.” One of the show’s producers asked her if religion would get in the way; many Orthodox Jews consider the public singing of women immodest. “I think the Torah wants us to be happy,” she said. I think you can combine Torah and music, and this is why I chose to come on the show.” With that, she started singing an Israeli classic, Ofra Haza’s “Od Mechaka La’Echad.” Almost immediately, the judges began pressing the buttons that swing their tall chairs around to face the contestants.Shlomi Shabbat, a veteran Israeli rocker, looked stunned. Sarit Haddad, the queen of what can only be called Israeli soul music, was barely less hyperbolic.

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My Hebrew is not but, a Divine voice I can hear and this young person has IT!