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Became the first network to start offering auto trading for ‘spreadbetting Forex accounts’ for UK customers.

Offers demo account and probably the widest range of trading instruments (fx, stocks, indices, bonds, interest rates and commodities). Tradeo: Launched as a social trading community network in 2012 which allowed traders to share their trading activities, interact and get feedback from other traders.

Much focus is given on education for novice investors with an easy to use mobile friendly interface, while a fully functioning demo is available as well. Zulu Trade: Probably the largest global social trading network at the moment, both in terms of numbers of traders and investors.

Offers full trade copying (supporting multiple brokers) and social interaction capabilities with free fully functioning demo. Ayondo: Well established German based social trading network which is rapidly expanding throughout the rest of Europe.

He was then tricked into Skyping with someone he was told was a girl his own age and then blackmailed with screenshots by the anonymous users.

His was linked to his Twitter and shows him discussing his Skype information with users a week before his suicide. Hannah would routinely fight with anonymous bullies on, at one point admitting that she had previously attempted to commit suicide in the past.

A representative for her middle school says she never reported in on Monday.

Joshua Unsworth's body was discovered in the garden of his family's farmhouse in the Lancashire area of England last winter.As a social trading network we identify any website or company which enables traders to share their trades and/or trade ideas with other traders.Our main focus is on Forex networks which offer both a social trading and community aspect, as well as autotrading capabilities.Joshua would routinely defend himself on his page, receiving messages like:"no one likes you""Let me tell you within that time I have learnt that words are, well, just words so whatever your miserable low life self thinks of me can say to my face or on here knowing I don't care." After being blackmailed on Skype, Daniel Perry, a 17-year-old from Scotland, jumped to his death from a local bridge.Daniel was harassed often on his page, with commenters telling him to kill himself and that he should cut his throat.

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He allegedly was bullied for months leading up to his suicide, with anonymous commenters mocking his father's job by calling Joshua "a farmer" and harassing him about his dating habits.

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  1. Close: Robin Wright is dating Clement Giraudet, the VIP relations manager for Saint Laurent, according to Page Six; seen watching a soccer match September in Paris; her son Hopper was also on hand Page Six also reported that when Clement is in Los Angeles, he stays at Robin's home.