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"It will, however, make him sick as the dog that he is." The errant husband duly falls violently ill, retching and screaming in agony.

When the lights came up in the White House Family Theatre, Bill and Hillary were completely silent, recalled Mary Mel French, a friend whose own marriage had ended in a bruising divorce a few years earlier."We all wanted to slide under our chairs. I happened to be next to Hillary when we were walking out."She whispered to me: 'I'll tell you what. You should mix it up first and give me a portion.' "We burst out laughing and couldn't stop." Scroll down for more ...

The idea was that, out of fear of exposure of their private lives, they would be convinced to sign affidavits denying they had been sexually involved with Bill.

You'll break your finger if you mistake that for going all the way through." The downside of Bill's magnetism was his compulsive need to seduce.In some ways, they remain an unlikely couple: the earnest Methodist overachiever who freely acknowledges "I don't do spontaneity" and the instinctively affable and loquacious charmer who makes everything look easy.Hillary considers Bill a "force of nature." Yet nearly everything about him is contradicted by something else.His wide-ranging intellect can be overridden by lapses in everyday common sense.He is by turns empathetic and self-absorbed, focused and un-disciplined, cerebral and priapic, idealistic and cynical, honest and evasive, inspiring and mortifying. "He was capable of constant emotional scans of everyone in the room while he was thinking," recalled one close Clinton associate."He could recognise, quantify and calibrate a response to the emotional state of the person with him." Yet another side of him was classic alpha male, supremely self-confident and tough, and capable of a fearsome temper.

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Take the time a supermarket tabloid named no fewer than five mistresses, including a nightclub singer, Gennifer Flowers When the story broke, Hillary was campaigning elsewhere, so Bill called her to warn her.