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The move of the Internet giant was expected after a few days ago the company sharply attacked codec H.264, supported by Apple and Microsoft, for its licensing requirements.

Web M format was launched in May last year under an open license as a free alternative to the H.264 codec for the realization of embedded video support in HTML5-compliant browsers.

From the outset Web M supported in Firefox and Opera, while Apple and Microsoft remain attached to H.264 – a popular format for video stream that is not open.

Also the system will give full integration between the Internet connectivity and your local files.The composition of the distribution is included and the first jasminelive version of the popular desktop publishing system open source Scribus, based on Qt4.It is also added a new driver for wireless networks Broadcom, which allows multiple notebooks to work without additional settings.“Rolling-release” distribution Open SUSE Tumbleweed – it requires constant renewal instead of major changes from version to version.Google updated its beta version of the cloud operating system Chrome OS, making another step towards the final product.

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