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After creating the file i shared it on my blog and Facebook, which i though would only reach my friends.As it turns out my blog had a further reach than i thought and it was imensly inspiring to get possitive feedback from strangers.In this case that program is actually called Sensable Freeform.This program is operated by a haptic sculpting device that allows you to "feel" your model and provides for a much more sculptural manipulation of your digital file.This time i knew the printed part was going to be a master for a mold so i took a lot more care in finishing it.Many slow coats of primer to fill the small texture that is inherent to the printing process, then a lot high grit sanding to smooth it out.A second less intrinsic reason for posting is to enter the "make it real challenge".Although i have access to some amazing tools my personal projects are always limited by the boundaries of my professional relationship.

Once i have a basic form and proportion i am happy with i'll transition to another more freeform type modeling program.

I guess i wasn't conservative enough because the prototype looked awesome but was 30% larger than a real cone.

I got my giant hand on a real ice cream cone and rescaled my model and then reprinted it.

Once dry , i hit them with a little krylon primer and a quick topcoat, high gloss for the ice cream and matte for the cone.

Turns out all that stuff i said at the beginning of this instructable about understanding scale doesn't mean anything if you're not actually starting with a reasonable point of reference.

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Shortly after this I joined Instagram and shared some images there and again the support from strangers Inspired me to push on.

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