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Family Therapy/ Parent Support – to explore how family interactions and communications can better support the journey of the young adult to health; and5.

Substance abuse or video addictions treatment Social skills support, life skills training, self-care training and emotional self-regulation approaches often come into play with this population.

Reading books and articles about the specific conditions that our child is dealing with – and how it is usually treated.

Second, we need to do our own emotional work – grieving the loss of the child we wanted and expected, and learning to accept the child who is actually before us.

Whatever this young man might become – with the right support and treatment – he was not yet capable of mustering the cognitive and emotional skills needed to be successful as a young adult.

As painfully apparent as this might have been to me, the mom still held on to an image of her son as capable but willful: if he only tried, he could make it, just like his peers.

Rick Silver, Founder and Director of The THRIVE Center, located in Columbia: The mother of a 20 year old patient had spent an hour with me in my office, explaining the details of her son’s developmental challenges over the past decade.“I’m hoping you can tell us what’s wrong and what to do about it.

What role do we need to play as parents of an atypical kid transitioning to adulthood? Finally, we need to seek care from practitioners who understand this transition into young adulthood and the challenges that arise with atypical kids.We cannot reconstruct our dreams for them by grabbing hold of their steering wheel and trying to dictate their destiny.This process of letting go has several steps that parents typically go through.Taking a term from dialectical behavior therapy, we must radically accept the reality of our child’s life: they are who they are, and moving them towards a healthier outcome will not be hastened by overly harsh control or excessive demands beyond their current capabilities.We cannot allay our fears by forcing them into the mold that we want for them.

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Treatment may include – although it is not limited to -- such modalities as:1.