Meeting women at nudist beach

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If the district court's ruling is upheld on appeal, discriminatory anti-topless laws in the territory of the Tenth Circuit (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma) will be unenforceable.

Denver and Boulder do not distinguish between male and female toplessness.

In addition, topfreedom advocates seek allowing nursing mothers to openly breastfeed in public, and women to sun bathe topless.

The Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles, in 1974, was home to a nudist colony that scandalized the community, attracted cameras and spurred LA to ban nudity.On May 20, 2017, Captain Butch Arbin, head of the Ocean City Beach Patrol instructed workers to document complaints of toplessness, but not approach topless women, even if the complainants requested it.Arbin changed the beach patrol's policy since the Maryland Attorney General has not released an opinion about female public toplessness in response to a formal request last year by a female resident and a topfree advocate who uses the pseudonym "Chelsea Covington." In response, on June 10, 2017, the town held an emergency meeting to pass an ordinance that ensured female toplessness was illegal.The bill would make it a misdemeanor for women to show their breasts or nipples in public with "reckless disregard" for whether it would offend someone.The New Hampshire chapter of the ACLU opposed the bill.

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Topless swimming and sunbathing on beaches has become acceptable in many parts of Europe, though the practice remains controversial in many places, and not common in most places.

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