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Lindsay Lohan has defended Trump, calling criticisms of him and his administration "bullying," so in that context, it isn't a real surprise that she'd also defend Weinstein. Lindsay might not be the out-of-control party girl that she was a decade ago, but she still seems so lost. Rose Mc Gowan, one of Harvey Weinstein's most relentless critics (she is a treasure, you guys) has tweeted, asking people to not be too harsh on Lindsay Lohan. Being a child actor turned sex symbol twists the brain in ways you can’t comprehend." Rose makes a very fair point, there.

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There are audio recordings of him coaxing one actress to sit and drink and watch him while he showered.

He's been fired from his own company and condemned left and right, even by people who had once remained silent.

So stand up." The old he-didn't-do-it-to-me line isn't exculpatory. " on Twitter, this looks like a case of someone's judgment being impaired by paranoia ...

Maybe he liked Lindsay as a person or maybe her career was already strong enough that he didn't want to make a move. If so, it sounds like Lindsay must believe that there's some vast conspiracy against Harvey Weinstein for literally no good reason. or We guess that it's no real surprise that she's still supporting Weinstein.

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In the wake of this scandal, Georgina Chapman is leaving Harvey Weinstein after 10 years together.