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The term commodity generally refers to physical goods that constitute the building blocks of more complex products. More Congestion: Congestion or consolidation reflects a pattern without strong indication of a trend of commodity prices.During congestion aggressive buying and selling of commodity futures contracts occur within a limited range of price fluctuation.

The price of a commodity in a cash market differs from the price of the …For a market where a physical commodity must be exchanged, the exchange process will begin on the expiration date.Cost to Carry: Costs associated with holding the physical commodity until the determined delivery date.The price difference represents the costs to carry. More Basis Risk: Basis risk is the potential adverse change in the cash price – futures price relationship while a hedger maintains an open commodity futures position.If the basis remains unchanged during the time the position is open, it is considered a …

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Common cash crops include coffee, tea, sugar cane, cotton, wheat, soybeans, other grains and oil-producing grains, bananas, oranges, etc. More Cash Settled Contracts: Upon expiration or exercise of commodity futures or option contracts, this settlement method allows the buyer to take the cash position associated with the commodity instead of the physical commodity itself.

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