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Make sure you have adequate anti-virus software installed on your computer, bought via a verifiable source, and that should limit your concern.

It might go something along the lines of: 'We have reviewed your tax return; according to our calculations, a tax refund is due.' Sadly, it never is.

A new report by the National Trading Standards (NTS) identified almost 200,000 potential victims who appear on so-called "suckers lists".

The average age of those on the lists is 74, pointing to a criminal delectation for preying on older and more vulnerable people.

Most people that fall victim to the lottery scam, haven't. They resemble legitimate organisations like e Bay or Pay Pal, and draw you in to entering your username and password so they can access your account.

If you respond to it, you'll be asked for your personal information, and in order to 'receive' your money, you'll have to keep paying fees. If you receive an email 'from' a certain organisation, and there's a sudden and immediate need for you to confirm your identity with some classified information, ask yourself whether this is realisation.

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If you're a victim of one of these, it's likely you'll receive a letter saying you have won a large amount of money on an online, or overseas, lottery. The prize that you have 'won', invariably won't turn up, probably because it doesn't exist. advise that 'any legitimate organisation will pay these up front costs, so anyone asking for a fee in advance shouldn't be trusted.' Not fishing, but phishing.

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