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No sign up or reg sex chat

I got in touch with Reg's daughter Susan Calvert (now Moore) a few years ago as I had written up a new webpage based on the Reg Calvert story that I had followed for many years.

She kindly sent me rare personal family photographs and more information that I was able to share via my website, as she was also in the process of writing a play on the same story.

Of course there is sex and drugs - but not in the way you would think! Reg Calvert is a dreamer- impulsive and determined to succeed.

When he falls in love with Dorothy and marries at eighteen, he has little thought of the consequences.

BOOK TWO : CLIFTON HALL ~ Reg and Dorothy Calvert run what becomes known as the 'School of Rock 'n' Roll.' It is a tumultuous time with much fun, laughter and heartbreak.

Many musicians and singers including the Beatles and Screaming Lord Sutch, visit, or stay at Clifton Hall.

An extraordinary story of success and failure as it follows 1950's music trends.

Behind the scenes, life is exciting but the reality of being a 'star' is far from glamorous.

It was the start of a revolution that spawned a new era of teenage domination, which in a few years evolved into the exciting Sixties - the best time to be young!The charge of murder was dropped to 'manslaughter' and he was finally acquitted with rumours of cover-ups and clandestine government intervention as they were determined to force the pirate radio ships out of business.The case notes were classified as 'secret' for the next forty odd years but now can be seen at the National Records/Archives Office at Kew- this can all be searched on the net.Too soon he feels trapped by marriage and children.Dorothy wants stability and Reg wants freedom but he needs Dorothy as his anchor.

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This has enabled me to write more webpages and many of them dedicated to my life in the music business- you can find all of this on the Site Map page and via the main Home Page.

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