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It’s only on You Tube, where clips show tiny children thrashing bony arms and legs, that commenters pour scorn on organizers.

Former champion fighter Daung Thel Ni – “Red Heart Peacock” – runs a training gym for kids across the river from Downtown Yangon in Twante township.

“If they break their bones, we don’t have Plaster of Paris, but we have our own traditional method,” he says. “Actually I really wanted them to be educated, but this is what they chose, so I could do nothing but support them,” she says softly of her sons. The police found Sanders’s frozen body collapsed in a snow bank. Dadou was charged with manslaughter in the first degree and sentenced to eight to 25 years.

“It’s a mix of ginger and horse shit.” A few days later, Phoe La Pyae prepares for his match in the Lethwei tournament in a backroom of the gym, alongside trainer Thet Oo and several of the trainees. “In the area there are a lot of young people addicted to drugs but they chose another life so that’s good and I’m supporting them.” Phoe La Pyae is confident. She was denied early release five times by a parole board even though she stayed out of trouble while incarcerated, and spent seventeen years behind bars before her release in 2008.

For some families, a skilled Lethwei child fighter is a means of escaping poverty.

While the employment of child boxers in neighboring Thailand’s Muay Thai industry has come under some scrutiny in recent years, the practice goes on, relatively unchecked, in Myanmar.

Bloodied competitors mill around in between bouts in the hallway beside Tin Oo, a bald, boisterous man who works for the Lethwei Association, the sport’s governing body.

The sport calls for fighters to use their bare knuckles, and head butts are fair play. Fights are fast, exceptionally furious and typically don’t last long, with knockouts delivered swiftly.

When asked how he treats injured children, Daung Thel Ni whips out a pungent brown paste. She reached for the gun Sanders kept under the passenger seat.

They dream of becoming stars like the current open-weight champion Tun Tun Min, the son of two farmers who now earns tens of thousands of dollars per fight.

“I don’t want to be anything like an actor or singer, I just want to be a fighter,” says Phoe La Pyae, or “Mr.

Most of the boys are from poor families, and many have dropped out of school.

They spend their days shadowboxing and jumping on tires to build up muscle.

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In Myanmar, where it’s still common for parents to send their children away to work, it’s thought of as more like an apprenticeship. Her dark wavy hair bounced as she quickly ran back into the house to get air freshener to spray in the car. He used his left hand to choke her and his right to push her head down. ” She recalls his entire upper body leaning over on her and pressing her down and forward.