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(I tend to copy and paste the read me) You should also click on the Set Screenshot button and use a picture relating to the mod. This means they will offer blowjobs to anyone they talk to and get caps each time they suck someone off.

Sample pictures are located on the Animated Prostitution homepage under the tab, Images. Now you’ll be able to identify your mod with greater ease. Click on the empty box next to Animated Prostitution ESM. With the mod activated you can now: • Have sex for free with anonymous NPC’s • Pay for sex with anonymous NPC’s • Get paid to have sex with anonymous NPC’s • You bring NPC’s to your home for sex • You can pimp NPC’s to have sex for you Nova is one of the best prostitutes to start with. As of right now, renting a place at Moriarty’s or using your owned home are examples of available places. To pimp a whore, first make sure that the whore is following you.

Find the Edit Info button in the list to the right. Be aware that there is a 24 – hour cool down period for NPC’s, so you can’t stay in the same spot, having sex with same NPC’s continually. If you have the verbal skill to pass they dialogue test, then you will acquire followers willing to serve you.

Under Mod Description, type a description of the mod inside the white box below. As a Pimp • You can recruit multiple NPC’s to work for you • The NPC will receive caps for each action they perform • The NPC will receive 25 caps a day • Player can pimp the NPC if they are following • NPC’s you are pimping have basic follower commands A newly recruited NPC will start working but will not follow you.

I tried to help him but even if he did manage to get the game working the servers were and are still down so that really takes a major part of the game away...

7Zip is author’s preferred choice and is the version I would recommend as well. If you don’t have these tools, then start with them before proceeding. Optional files include Fem Voice Package and R18 Body Pack V1dot4. Click on the first button in the list; (Add New) Find the Animated Prostitution ESM that you downloaded.

What they do, and how to install each mod can be located on their respective pages. There you will find a series tabs including; Description, Files, images, Mirrors, Comment, Discussion, Action log, and Tags. Download the Animated Prostitution ESM file and the other two if you desire. Activate FOMM, and click on the Package Manager button. It should be located in your Downloads folder, or wherever you set your files to go when downloading.

It does so by allowing most NPC’s to be propositioned for sex. The Quest isn’t difficult and only serves to familiarize you with the gameplay. Animated Prostitution By Josh NZ A WORD OF CAUTION! IF YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BUY AN M RATED GAME, YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS MOD!

If you’ve installed the mod correctly, you must now activate the sex features within the game world before you can begin your promiscuous activities.

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