Nyc dating spots

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Nyc dating spots

—Annie Daly It's a great speakeasy with apothecary-inspired decorations at the end of a hidden street in Chinatown.

They have amazing cocktails (Kale In Comparison is a must), the bartenders are super nice, they usually have live music (best Cuban band on Thursdays) and enough space for dancing.

Good cocktails, good location, and fun snacks (cheeses and grilled cheeses and things).

Also, it's pretty small, so it doesn't get that loud, and you can actually hear your date talk.

You have to make reservations and it feels super fancy inside.

It’s the type of place a guy who's definitely trying to impress you would take you.

Also there's Connect-4, so if it turns out you have nothing to talk about, at least you have something to do.—Christine Byrne It's a beer hall vibe, but it doesn't feel too big or overwhelming.

They have a fairly good-sized bar, plus a bunch of long communal tables.

With a bar as well as a dinner menu, Flinders Lane fits that bill.Great for meeting an online date if you really aren't sure what you want out of it, because it's definitely not that private.They have good drinking munchies, and full dinners if you want (lots of American/farm-to-table type food).This famed Italian restaurant is just a short walk from the Comedy Cellar, making for a great combination date night."If you don't have a good time at Carbone and then the Comedy Cellar, I don't know if you can have a good time with anyone," Lewis joked.

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Or if you want to go somewhere else for dinner, you're in a great spot to go find food.