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The search for love in any context is a lottery, of course. What are the chances of two compatible people turning up in the same place at the same time?

Internet dating is meant to tip those odds in our favour – and it can work, of course it can.

And when you're the one being rejected, it can hurt. You join thinking you'll be nice and civilised and honest with people, but once people don't reply to your emails, you start doing the same to other people." Rejection may be a strong word to use.

In 1966, The Supremes explained to us that you can't hurry love.

Sixteen years later Phil Collins concurred: "You just have to wait," he sang, additionally noting that love don't come easy.

It doesn't approach the horror of being told by a partner that they don't love you any more.

But despite our inclination to present ourselves as optimistic – verging on an almost deranged bubbliness, in some cases – we enter the process on the back foot. It's just that thin skin isn't compatible with internet dating.

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