Papua new guinea nude

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Papua new guinea nude

We began our May ’08 tour by hitting the highlights of Port Moresby, including the Parliament House and the botanical gardens plus the National Museum, which surprised us with its beautifully carved masks, totems, headdresses, drums, canoes and antiquities from all over the country. Apparently, the cost of electricity was more than the museum could bear.Visiting the local fishing villages outside the capital, we got our first up-close look at the way things are in PNG.From everything I’d heard, read or seen about Papua New Guinea, it was death itself to go to that little-visited island off the northeast coast of Australia.A recent Internet story included the capital, Port Moresby, on its Top 10 Hells on Earth list, and everyone said the country was crawling with venomous snakes, disease, rampant “raskols” (the PNG term for robbers, murderers and rapists) and tribal wars — just the kind of place your grandmother told you never to go.The houses were pieced together from scrap metal and perched on stilts in the water, offering an open window on the inhabitants’ lives, with people sleeping and eating and bathing on the narrow palm planks that served as their porches.

The fight escalated into a 5-day war involving over 2,000 Highland tribesmen. To me, it sounded like the most twisted place on Earth.

Port Moresby’s latest eatery Naked Fish has just been opened.

Located at ground floor of the Habourside Building overlooking the bay out to Fairfax Harbour, the new restaurant was opened by Minister for Sport & National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, NCD Governor Powes Parkop, and partners of the Naked Fish.

Another hotel guest came along just then and we bolted.

Fortunately, there was no knock at our door at midnight.

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It is also one of the most rural, as only 18 per cent of its people live in urban centers.