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Patti stanger dating tips online

But the truth is, there’s a lot more to physical chemistry than just appearances.

You can never actually know if chemistry exists until you meet someone in person.

Grab your iphone and have a friend snap a few candid shots of yourself – smiling, laughing, riding your bike, playing tennis, walking your dog etc.

Make sure one of these photos include a clear head shot.

, I’m not referring to just a boyfriend or girlfriend.

I mean the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A true partner knows your flaws and quirks, and loves you anyway.

By swiping left or not responding to a message because the person “doesn’t look that cute” or “isn’t your type,” you are immediately eliminating a potential match you may have been stoked about had you met at a bar or at a coffee shop.

Here are four tips to get any public figure started on their online dating journey and help them to realize it’s possible to find love online, celebrity or not. Post regular point-and-shoot photos but keep them hidden.

When it comes to photos, avoid all professional, magazine quality photos.

It’s very easy to shutdown a prospective date based solely a picture.

Physical chemistry is an important component of any romantic relationship, so it’s completely understandable that when faced with the decision to show interest in a potential mate online we base a fair amount of weight on looks.

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But how should a public figure approach online dating?

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