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Png late night facebook sex chat

One of the mistakes people make is that they assume that overwhelming their own natural “musk” with other scents makes things better.

As a result, you get dudes who douse themselves in cheap body spray and cologne, creating a chemical attack that would be condemned by Kaiser Wilhelm.

You want to control how you smell, rather than focusing on replacing it.

Basic hygiene and grooming are critical; the number of people who seem to think that showers are optional is astounding.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your face or body is: if you stink, people will notice. And in judging, they will decide that if it came down to fucking you or letting a meteor wipe out Los Angeles…

well, maybe Vancouver could pick up the slack when Hollywood’s gone.

After all, we’re not just people, sometimes we’re also pieces of meat, and we would like to be treated accordingly.

If you’re going to be dealing with swamp-ass, consider some talcum powder to keep things dry.

Being Smart (as opposed to being smart) becomes a reason to stop growing or exploring, except in ways that support the idea of I Am Very Smart.

They’re also far more likely to use their intelligence (perceived or otherwise) as a club; they are SMART therefore they are right therefore SHUT UP. That identity often leads to a lot of belittling comments, condescension and looking down one’s nose at people… (This also tends to correspond with You Tube channels involving multi-hour rants full of verbal flack and little actual content of substance.) Cultivating your intellectual curiosity, on the other hand, means that you are engaging in the world around you.

Wearing clothes that are too big too tight diminishes your sex appeal by orders of magnitude. You don’t need to be Beau Brummell by any stretch, but having a sense of style is important.

Even if your body isn’t Adonis perfect, wearing oversized jeans and tees just makes you look like you’re trying to hide… Even just a effort here will make you sexier; 99% of the male population dresses like they were assaulted by a pile of dirty laundry.

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It means that you understand that there’s more to learn, more to understand.