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Brewers, winemakers and mead makers commonly use them for fermentation, including yeast strains identified specifically for mead fermentation.

Many home mead makers choose to use wine yeasts (particularly those used in the preparation of white wines) to make their meads.Mead is featured in many Germanic myths and folktales such as Beowulf, as well as in other popular works that draw on these myths. In The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini, the protagonist, Eragon, often drinks mead at feasts.Notable examples include books by Tolkien, George R. It is also referenced in The Kingkiller Chronicle novel series by Patrick Rothfuss.Some meads retain some measure of the sweetness of the original honey, and some may even be considered as dessert wines.Drier meads are also available, and some producers offer sparkling meads.

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Mead can also be distilled to a brandy or liqueur strength.