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Polokwane dating sites

Congress must also reflect on the strategic task contained in the adopted in the 8th National Congress.At the centre of these historic documents is the task of placing working class interest as the dominant national goal.In honour of this fine comrade, the movement must continue to be rooted in the workers at the shop floor, in the mines, factories and public services.

The mood was certainly militant, nudging COSATU to become more assertive in its political stance, whether in the Alliance or in debates about the trajectory of the NDR.

Further, we must set ourselves a mission that we must fulfill in order to take forward the workers' struggle.

As we undertake this task, we must remind ourselves of the advice by one of the African revolutionaries, Franz Fanon, when he said: "Each generation must find a mission, fulfill it or betray it" Certainly we hope that as a generation of trade unionists we plan to fulfill and not betray our mission. At the end of that fight no one could dare contradict us when we proudly declared that this Federation of Elijah Barayi and Leslie Masina is a conscience of our young democracy; a voice of the voiceless and marginalised; a champion and fearless spokesperson of the most downtrodden within and outside our borders.

Negative campaigning, including the use of tribalism, character assassinations and selective use of the mass media to destroy particular leaders or contest Federation position; was the hallmark of electioneering.

To the public, COSATU appeared like a movement at war with itself.

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First, it must provide a political analysis of the domestic and global situation; identify opportunities and challenges; and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the forces fighting for change.